06 November 2020

The British-Irish Council held its 34th Summit meeting today hosted virtually by the Scottish Government. The heads of delegation were welcomed by the Right Honourable First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon MSP.

Ministers discussed the impact of Covid-19 upon the economies of Member Administrations, reflecting the significant and potentially long-lasting social impacts. The Council also discussed the vision, priorities and opportunities to drive economic recovery, and discussed areas of coherence across Member Administrations.

04 November 2020

The British-Irish Council Environment work sector held its sixteenth Ministerial meeting today, hosted by the UK Government.  The meeting was held via a virtual platform due to Covid-19 public health requirements across all Member Administrations. 

02 November 2020

The First Minister of Scotland, Rt Hon Nicola Sturgeon MSP, will host the 34th British-Irish Council Summit meeting this week. This is following the decision agreed by all eight Minister Administrations in light of the Covid-19 situation, to postpone the 34th Summit originally scheduled for the middle of this year.  It will be the fifth time the BIC Summit has been hosted by the Scottish Government. The meeting will be attended by leaders and ministers from the Council’s Member Administrations.

The main discussion topic at the summit will be the Economic Recovery from Covid-19.