Threat from Non-Native Species considered at BIC workshop

07 May 2013

On 30 April and 1st May, the UK Government hosted a workshop at Kew Gardens, London on the threat posed to BIC Member Administrations from Invasive Non-Native Species (those animal and plant species not originally from these islands). The workshop was attended by over 35 delegates representing all BIC jurisdictions and followed a decision by Environment Ministers at their last meeting to consider further collaboration on this important issue.

The workshop heard how the impact of Non-Native Species costs the EU around €12 billion per year and that new threats were arising all the time. Delegates shared best practice and considered how to enhance collaboration around the topics of biosecurity, communications, early warning systems, rapid response and current and future research opportunities, and the Administrations also discussed how to coordinate consideration of expected proposals for a European Union legislative instrument. A single point of contact was agreed in each Member Administration to help facility a joined-up early warning and response system and discussion will continue on further collaboration.

More information on the Environment work sector is available on the Environment part of our website.

More photos of the event are available on our flickr stream.