Social Inclusion

The Social Inclusion work sector was established in 1999 and from 2015-2018 dealt with the primary topic of carers policy. At the most recent Social Inclusion Ministerial meeting held in Edinburgh in April 2018, Ministers discussed and reviewed the Report entitled Caring for our Carers: Supporting unpaid carers in the British-Irish Council Administrations, prepared by  BIC Social Inclusion officials who visited the BIC Administrations to research the different approaches to tackling this area of mutual interest.  In reviewing the report and as part of wider discussions, Ministers considered policy areas related to carers such as identifying carers; supporting young carers; supporting older carers; supporting bereaved carers; and supporting carers through the promotion of caring skills, self-care and technology-enabled care (TEC).

Ministers thanked the many voluntary and community organisations in each of the Administrations for their active engagement in the preparation of this Report and for providing site visits and presentations to officials throughout the duration of the Carers topic of this work sector.  Ministers commended the Report as a further rich contribution to the shared learning that is at the heart of the work of the British Irish Council.  Caring for our Carers can be read here.


Previously, this work sector had focused on preventative spend, in particular in the context of an ageing population, which was the focus of the 2012-14 work programme. The proposed new work topic for Social Inclusion will be signed off at the Guernsey Summit by Heads of the BIC Administrations.

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