Social Inclusion

The lead administrations for the Social Inclusion work sector are the Scottish Government and the Welsh Government.

The Social Inclusion work sector was established in 1999.

At their meeting in Cardiff in 2012, BIC Ministers agreed that preventative spend, in particular in the context of an ageing population, should be the focus of the 2012-14 work programme for the Social Inclusion work sector.

BIC Social Inclusion officials visited all eight BIC Administrations to research the different approaches to tackling this key generational issue. They noted the many different, creative and community-based approaches to supporting older people to optimise their independence and remain in a place they can call home, in a community they feel connected to, for as long as possible. At the sixth Social Inclusion Ministerial meeting hosted by the Scottish Government at St. Andrew’s House, Edinburgh in March 2015, Ministers discussed and adopted the Report entitled Spend to Save – Innovative Approaches to Preventative Spend prepared by  the work sector.

Ministers thanked the many voluntary and community organisations in each of the Administrations for their active engagement with officials in the preparation of the Report.  Ministers commended the Report as a further rich contribution to the shared learning that is at the heart of the work of the British-Irish Council.

Ministers confirmed their interest in the issue of Carers and tasked officials, working closely with the BIC Secretariat, to begin consideration of how best Administrations can support carers by looking at best practice, new and creative policy responses and community actions across the eight BIC members.  This research forms the work programme for 2015-17 and was discussed by Ministers at the Glasgow Summit in 2016. You can read the paper discussed by Ministers here.


Communiqués from Previous Ministerial Meetings

6th Ministerial Meeting - 11 March 2015

5th Ministerial Meeting - 7 March 2012

4th Ministerial Meeting - 26 March 2010

3rd Ministerial Meeting - 20 May 2008

2nd Ministerial Meeting - 2-3 March 2006

1st Ministerial Meeting - 15-16 July 2004