The lead administration for the Housing work sector is the Northern Ireland Executive.

Meeting the housing needs of citizens in these islands is a challenge faced by all British-Irish Council Member Administrations. Experience and situations vary between Member Administrations.  The work sector has, since being set up in 2009, focused on sharing information, knowledge and best practice between Administrations on a number of areas including, supply and allocation of social housing, housing benefit and affordable housing.

This has been particularly beneficial to Administrations given the volatility in the housing market in the wake of the global economic downturn. The group has developed a housing directory which provides detail on a number of key areas across the Member Administrations and has also developed a report to Ministers on innovative policy interventions to fund housing initiatives. The next Ministerial meeting will take place in autumn 2017.


Communiqués from Previous Ministerial Meetings

4th Ministerial Meeting - 4 October 2015

3rd Ministerial Meeting - 30 October 2013

2nd Ministerial Meeting - 16 February 2011

1st Ministerial Meeting - 4 December 2009