Climate Adaptation

Climate Adaptation Sub Group

The climate adaptation sub group is one of four sub-groups that come under the umbrella of the BIC Environment work sector, along with marine environment, marine litter, and Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS).  Each sub group has its own membership drawn from the eight BIC Member Administrations who then feed into the main BIC Environment work Sectors.

At the BIC Environment Ministerial meeting in March 2018, a paper on climate adaptation was presented to Ministers, and where it was agreed that four particular strands were identified for BIC Member Administrations to action going forward:-

  • Where there are opportunities to work together to tackle common challenges on adaptation, BIC Administrations should do so.
  • BIC Administrations continue to share information and experiences in relation to challenges from climate change, especially around assessing progress and measuring resilience and in addressing the cross cutting and cascading impacts on the private sector and communities, especially where these affect multiple BIC administrations.
  • BIC Administrations should share experiences on working in partnership with the private sector, local government, communities and civil society.
  • BIC Administrations should examine the potential for better collaboration and information sharing on research projects including coordinated and co-funded research. 

Lead Administration

The climate adaptation sub group is led by the Irish Government.

Current Focus

In addition to the group focussing on the four stands mentioned above, the group has been planning for a Climate Adaptation Symposium postponed on account of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Further Information

This page will provide links and further information from the work of the climate adaptation sub group as it continues its collaboration across the BIC Member Administrations.