The lead administration for the Environment work sector is the UK Government.

Pollution, climate change, invasive species and other environmental hazards and threats do not respect borders making intergovernmental co-operation vital to protect and improve the environment across these islands.

The Environment work sector was established at the first British-Irish Council Summit in 1999 where it was agreed that the UK Government would lead.

There have been 14 meetings of BIC Environment Ministers. Ministers have discussed a very broad range of environmental topics throughout the history of the British-Irish Council including Sustainable Development, Marine, Waste, Climate Change Adaptation and Biodiversity.

In November 2015 the 25th British-Irish Council Summit in London considered a paper from the Environment work sector on Natural Capital and Resources including a case study on pollinators. A copy of the paper can be found here.

The 14th  Ministerial Meeting was held on 4 November 2016 in Guernsey, and focused on food waste and recycling. Papers from that meeting can be found here and here. It also updated Ministers on the progress being made on non-native invasive species work following previous meetings. Ministers agreed that the work sector should focus on ways to collaborate on the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals as well as further work on invasive non-native species and report back to them in 2018 in Ireland.

Communiqués from Previous Ministerial Meetings

14th Ministerial Meeting - 4 November 2016

13th Ministerial Meeting - 15 October 2014

12th Ministerial Meeting - 7 September 2012

11th Ministerial Meeting - 25 February 2011

10th Ministerial Meeting - 15 July 2010

9th Ministerial Meeting - 17 April 2009

8th Ministerial Meeting - 1 February 2008

7th Ministerial Meeting - 26 July 2006

6th Ministerial Meeting - 7 April 2005