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Safer Internet Day 2020: Be Safe – Be Included – Be Connected

Be Safe

The BIC Digital Inclusion work sector are supporting Safer Internet Day 2020, check out their top tips to Be Safe Online in their new infographic here

You can also find helpful information about keeping safe on line relevant to your administration through the following links:

United Kingdom

National Cyber Security Centre

Get Safe Online is a UK Government-funded free resource providing practical advice to individuals and businesses on how to protect themselves while on their computers and mobiles device and against fraud, identity theft, viruses and many other problems encountered online

Northern Ireland


Report cybercrime to Police Scotland Scottish Government, Cyber Resilience policy page has an advice and guidance section also, pointing to further resources.

Information specifically for young people:

Young Scot – Digi Aye -

Young Scot careers information on cyber security for young people:

Isle of Man


If you need to report harmful content you can do so here: - to report harmful content



Introduction to the Digital Inclusion Work Sector

The digital world has evolved exponentially and digital technology continues to provide huge benefits to citizens across all the British-Irish Council (BIC) Member Administrations. These range from making access to government services easier, quicker and cheaper to administer, to applying for jobs and booking your own travel. The opportunities are limitless.

In addition, some of the challenges have evolved with time, such as ensuring individuals can confidently and safely go online, and removing the barriers which prevent people taking their first step online, including issues of accessibility, digital skills, and motivation. 

Lead Administration

At the twelfth BIC Summit in Cardiff in February 2009, the Council agreed that the Isle of Man Government should take the lead on the Digital Inclusion work sector.

Current Focus

In 2017, Ministers discussed and reviewed a paper, ‘Digital Inclusion: Developing Digital Skills’, prepared by the work sector: Digital Inclusion: Developing Digital Skills

Ministers agreed that the key themes of ‘People, Partnership and Policies’ should continue to inform the work of the Digital Inclusion work sector.  In particular, the group would focus on collaboration on digital skills and consider how best to engage with large organisations on a cross jurisdictional basis. More recently, the work sector have looked at the issues of digital safety, particularly in respect of young people online and the 5Rights campaign. All of the eight BIC administrations attended a 5Rights event in Scotland, bringing young people together from across the jurisdictions to discuss their digital rights and you can see a short film about their engagement on 5Rights promotion here : 

The BIC Digital Inclusion work sector continues to focus on cooperation between Member Administrations by sharing experiences and policies. They actively share knowledge, research and practice across these islands on such topics as:

  • Intergenerational working
  • Young people and future skills
  • People, partnerships and policies

Further Information

Further information may be obtained from each administration. The following is not exhaustive but may prove useful for further reading:

1.         Northern Ireland

2.         UK Government

3.         Ireland

4.         Scotland

5.         Wales

6.         Jersey

7.         Guernsey

8.         Isle of Man


Ministerial Meeting - 23rd June 2017