The lead administration for the Demography work sector is the Scottish Government.

Demographic changes are being faced by all British-Irish Council Member Administrations. By 2035 the number of people aged 50+ is projected to rise by 28% and the number aged 75+ is projected to increase by 82%.

A changing society has implications across a wide range of areas. These include the demand for, and provision of, public services such as health, education and transport including their scale, type and location. It also has implications for the size and composition of the working population and the creation of the wealth necessary to provide public services and fund future pension contributions.

Demography was adopted by the Council as an area of mutual interest at the eighth Summit in London in June 2006. The Scottish Government led on the Demography work sector.  The work sector’s last report to Ministers focused on Population Ageing and was launched at a meeting of Ministers in Edinburgh on 9 December 2016.

The work sector concluded in December 2016. 


First Ministerial Meeting - 31 March 2008

Second Ministerial Meeting - 9 December 2016