Collaborative Spatial Planning

Lead Administration

The Northern Ireland Executive Chair the Collaborative Spatial Planning Work Sector.


Spatial Planning looks at the significance of geography and place in public policy. Collaborative Spatial Planning (CSP) explores how British–Irish Council Administrations can work together across borders to plan for and implement key infrastructure.

This work sector brings together officials from each of the Member Administrations who are responsible for national, island and regional development strategies. The group meets regularly throughout the year to exchange information and perspectives on current spatial planning challenges.

Current Focus

The group are currently exploring how spatial planning across the BIC community supports housing delivery by preparing a strategic paper which will:-

  • Identify key challenges in respect of housing delivery.
  • Identify innovative solutions which have supported housing delivery across the Administrations.
  • Produce a number of best practice recommendations, taking account as appropriate, of the ongoing work of the BIC Housing Work Sector.

Recent Meetings

The Collaborative Spatial Planning work sector met most recently in Cardiff in October 2018, with the meeting and site visit hosted by the Welsh Government.